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Welcome to NCIS Los Angeles Fan the first and largest fan resource for the show, NCIS Los Angeles.. NCIS LA is the stories of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. A spin off of NCIS it started airing in 2009 on CBS, and now reruns on USA Network as well. Keep checking back for news, spoilers, screencaps and photos from the show, as well as support of the cast members of NCIS LA and their other projects.

Colleen   Sep 26, 2016

NCIS LA Fan Gallery > Show > Season 8 > 801 & 802 “High-Value Target” & “Belly of the Beast”

Colleen   Sep 26, 2016

Mo 9/26: Bill O’Reilly, Lea Michele, X Ambassadors
Tu 9/27: Allison Janney, Usain Bolt, Shawn Mendes
We 9/28: Kylie Bunbury, Luke Bryan
Th 9/29: Sarah Jessica Parker, Idina Menzel
Fr 9/30: LL Cool J, John Turturro, Sofie Dossi

Colleen   Sep 25, 2016

NCIS: Los Angeles preview from EP Scott Gemmill:

What’s coming up?: Season 8 sees the NCIS: Los Angeles team thrust out of their individual comfort zones with everything from leadership shake-ups, marriage proposals, and new roommates, to potential career-ending injuries and personal tragedy.

Something you’ll learn about a character is… We will learn that there’s much more to Technical Analyst Nell Jones than her skills with a smart tablet. In fact, the Nellverine is a bit of a bad ass.

The strangest research we’ve done for an episode is… Every week the writers wind up on another government watch list because of the stories they’re researching — be it learning how to make untraceable automatic weapons from parts sourced on the Internet, to retrieving radioactive material from the machinery in a hospital blood bank. Eventually the entire writing staff will be incarcerated because they have become security threats.

One thing you’ll see on this show that you won’t see on the others is… The NCIS: LA team is an Office of Special Projects (OSP) unit that uses state-of-the art technology and the latest spy craft to go prevent threats to this country both domestically and around the globe. Nowhere else on television are you going to find yourself traveling from the bikini beaches of Malibu to the brutal Syrian desert in pursuit of the bad guys. NCIS: LA does it all.


Colleen   Sep 9, 2016

The season finale screencaps are up in the NCIS LA Fan Gallery.

NCIS LA Fan Gallery > Show > Season 7 > .24 “Talion” > Screencaps

Colleen   May 3, 2016

NCIS LA Fan Gallery > Show > Season 7 > Screencaps

Colleen   Apr 26, 2016