1.03 “Predator”


Sam, Callen and the team must work quickly to find a stolen Predator drone, still armed with a deadly missile. Using computer surveillance, Sam and Callen find the driver who transported the drone away from its landing sight. He’s an Islamic extremist who works for a computer software company, he kills himself as he’s being chased, but further investigation reveals he’s not a candidate to have mastered flying the drone. Eric and Dom use their computer tracking skills; they determine that video footage from the stolen drone was posted in a University classroom. Kensi goes undercover in the college class hoping to smoke out their suspect. She finds him, but he’s also killed before she can get any information from him. As they figure out who’s behind the theft, they realize the drone has been reactivated and is targeted to a local high school. Turning to the original drone “pilot,” they’re able to save the school and arrest the man behind the conspiracy.

Guest Stars

Andrew Borba … Arthur Janson
Rob Evors … J. Rivers
Brian Kubach … Joel Hardy
Nick McDow … Yousef Kaleem
Gino Salvano … Hamzi Kahn