1.11 “Breach”

After a brief altercation at a strip club, a young black man drives his truck into the club, narrowly missing Katya, a stripper, but killing a Petty Officer. When the NCIS: LA team identifies the driver of the truck as a Sudanese refugee, Sam turns to a teenager named Moe for information about the driver and the man he was with. Sam sponsored Moe to come to America. Unbeknownst to Moe, Sam killed Moe’s father, who was part of the Sudanese rebellion. Moe says he knew the driver, and identifies the man he was with at the club as Safar; Sam expresses concern that Moe is hanging out with the wrong people, but Moe enjoys being with people from his homeland. The NCIS:LA team identifies Safar as a Libyan born terrorist and they speculate that he snuck into the country to recruit the “lost boys of the Sudan” to return to their country and join the unrest. Since Safar was a regular at the strip club, they turn to Katya for further information, only to discover the owner of the strip club has the place wired, and uses the recordings to bribe his customers for money or information. Using the recordings they set a trap and capture Safar. It’s a bittersweet moment, as they know the CIA will try to “turn” Safar. Also Safar has already poisoned Moe against Sam by telling Moe about his father’s death. Sam races to find Moe, but he’s too late to stop Moe from leaving the country to join Safar’s terrorist training group.

Also, the death of a former colleague of Hetty’s has her worried that her team is too married to their jobs and she sets rules to limit their workload in order to encourage them to build a life outside the office.


1.11 Breach Screencaptures and Stills