1.17 “Full Throttle”

NCIS: LA investigates the death of James Rush, a young Naval officer killed when his car suddenly explodes in an illegal street race. Initially it looks like a rival street racer sabotaged his car, however, NCIS: LA discovers the rival was Rush’s girlfriend who raced under a male persona. She very upset about his death and an unlikely candidate for his murderer. Rush left behind a brother and sister who have been trying to keep the family business, a garage, alive; their brother’s death has ruined them emotionally and financially. Kensi and Sam then discover that Rush had stolen two advanced lithium-ion battery systems from his military unit. It seems that Rush had been working on this top secret power-boosting device and “borrowed” the equipment to road test it. The second device is missing and now Kensi and Sam must not only try to solve Rush’s murder, but also recover the second system.


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