1.20 “Fame”

A navy Lieutenant dies when he rolls off a cliff along Mulholland Blvd. Turns out, he was shot before he crashed the car and the car belonged to Aubrey Darva, the socialite daughter of a wealthy real estate investor. LAPD Officer Deeks is on loan to NCIS: LA as a temp in Dom’s continued absence, however, he proves to be of little help as a liaison officer to LAPD, as his fellow cops don’t really like him. Their first stop is to Aubrey Darva’s house; Aubrey’s father has just flown in from NYC and discovers she’s gone missing. When Sam and Callen finally find Aubrey, they learn that the Lieutenant was with her the night before but disappeared in the middle of the night. Kensi stays with Aubrey for her protection and figures out that the Lieutenant was killed in Aubrey’s house. Turns out, he was killed when he discovered a known terrorist was staying at the Darvas’ house. Kensi finds herself in the same position but manages, with the help of Mr. Darva, to save herself and the Darva family.


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