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Welcome to NCIS Los Angeles Fan the first and largest fan resource for the show, NCIS Los Angeles.. NCIS LA is the stories of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. A spin off of NCIS it started airing in 2009 on CBS, and now reruns on USA Network as well. Keep checking back for news, spoilers, screencaps and photos from the show, as well as support of the cast members of NCIS LA and their other projects.

2.04 “Special Delivery”


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NCIS:LA uncovers a link to jewelry stolen from Iraqi museums when they investigate the murder of a Marine who was found in the parking lot with his hand chopped off. The victim, Corporal Thomas Porter, had Top Secret clearance and NCIS:LA must find out if any sensitive information has been stolen. Eric finds that Porter was under investigation while serving in Iraq after his commanding officer was found to be involved with trafficking stolen Iraqi artifacts out of the country. A parking stub found in the victim’s car leads Sam and Callen to the store of jeweler, Jacob Rosen; when they arrive, Rosen is dead with his hand cut off. Rosen’s phone records lead the team to an Iraqi-born jeweler, Aziz Ashiri, who they find was scheduled to meet Porter the day he was murdered. Kensi and Deeks find a bloody knife wrapped in what appears to be a ceremonial cloth in Aziz’s home. Sam, knowing Aziz follows the laws of Sharia, sees the items were placed in a paper bag and knows Aziz was set up. The team re-examines the evidence and discovers a car that entered the parking structure right before Porter’s murder was stolen from a fellow Marine by Porter’s best friend, Corporal Petersen; Eric also finds that Petersen worked for Rosen as a courier. When Porter had jewels to sell, Petersen connected him with Rosen, but became jealous knowing Porter would get all the money; he killed Porter then Rosen in order to frame Ashiri for the crime and take the jewels for himself. Sam and Callen track down Petersen but he runs and chase ensues and it all ends in a shootout where Petersen is killed.

  1. Skoch says:

    Love this show and all the characters
    Please do not get rid of deeks and don’t send
    Him back to LAPD he’s perfect for the show he makes it funny. The show wouldn’t be the same without him

  2. Tara says:

    Congrats to Eric & Sarah on their impending journey into parenthood.

  3. Laura says:

    Theory: All season they have been hinting something will happen to Deeks and next season they are going to focus on him like they did with Sam this season, Kensi last season, and Callen the season before.
    I think something is going to happen to Deeks, probably while protecting Sam’s family.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Happy Birthday to the “Midnight Star”!!!

  5. Tara says:

    Both parts for the pilot were okay. There is only so much a writer can squeeze into a pilot episode when it comes to introducing the characters and the vibe of the show so I will wait to reserve my final judgement of the show if it gets picked up by the network.

  6. Mistri says:

    You have no idea how that made my day, what with season-ending cliffhangers coming up.

  7. tara says:

    Loved this episode. Dave Kalstein who wrote, and Larry Teng who directed, made an awesome team along with the cast, really brought this storyline to life.

  8. tara says:

    I can’t wait for this episode! I can’t wait to see what exactly Hetty & Nate are posing as while undercover.

  9. Tara says:

    My thoughts exactly! Talk about not figuring out that Sam’s wife was also a federal agent till the episode was more than halfway done. I think I may be a little slow on the uptake. This episode definitely kept me on the edge of my

  10. Tara says:

    Do we really need another spin-off? Look at what happened when CBS agreed to a spin-off of Criminal Minds. It didn’t work. CBS got lucky when they spinned off NCIS from Jag, than spun NCIS LA off from NCIS. But something tells me this spin-off of NCIS LA wouldn’t work. I thought Shane Brennan left NCIS to focus solely on NCIS LA. I hope NCIS LA doesn’t suffer with this spin off.

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