3×01 “Lange, H”

­In the season premiere, we pick up where we left in the season 2 finale, beside a beach in Romania – Hetty confronts Alexa, the head of the Comescu family, giving her evidence that Callen is dead and the blood war is over. Hetty soon realizes that Alexa has been tracking our team since they entered the country and knows that Hetty is NCIS, Callen is still alive and he and the team are here to rescue her. She also knows much about Callen and his family but is giving very little to Hetty. Meanwhile, Callen reveals to Sam he now remembers that this is the beach he has had flashbacks about and the place of his mother’s murder by a Comescu. The team stakeout the Comescu beach house hoping to confirm Hetty is inside and alive when they are shocked to see Agent Hunter being happily greeted by the Comescu family. Eric and Nell dig into Hetty’s files and find the real Comescu file with pictures of Agent Hunter as a child noting her as a cousin of the Comescu’s. Director Vance tries to reach Agent Hunter with no response and all wonder whose side is she really on? Callen and the team capture one of the family members who identifies Hunter as their cousin and confirms Hetty is inside. The team creates a diversion and pushes into the beach house as a fire fight ensues. One of our team is shot by a Comescu and the rest rush to their aid but the injury is bad and our team isn’t sure if they will make it.