3×02 “Cyber Threat”

­A software CEO, Dennis Calder, is kidnapped days before he is about to be taken in for questioning by the NSA regarding his involvement in a cyber attack on the Department of Defense. NCIS:LA is called in to find Calder in order to thwart a new cyber attack that could compromise national security and to figure out if Calder was behind the previous attack. Initially the leads they have go nowhere until Eric discovers someone has logged into Calder’s high-tech home security system to keep watch on the family. Our team is unsure if it is Calder or his kidnappers so Kensi and Deeks go undercover to protect the family. We learn Calder was an absentee father and husband and his son, Shawn, wanted nothing more than his father’s attention and approval. Calder’s wife tells Kensi her son has all but given up on his relationship with his father and now just locks himself in his room and plays on the computer. This strikes Kensi and with Eric’s help soon discovers Shawn used his father’s company’s cutting edge software to hack into foreign government agencies and now one of those agencies has kidnapped his father. Eric discovers there is now another attack happening against the Defense Department network and the team realizes the Chinese have kidnapped Calder to attack the Defense Department in retaliation for Shawn breaching their network. Callen and the team track down Calder’s whereabouts in a business front for a Chinese spy network. They rush in to rescue Calder and reunite him with his son.