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NCIS Los Angeles “Descent” Episode Stills

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NCIS Los Angeles Scoops from E!

Barbara: I love, love, love you and your amazing spoilers! Not that I want to stop gushing about how much I love you, but can we please get some scoop on Kensi and Deeks on NCIS: LA? Or any scoop you have on that show! Love it!

Thank you, B! Flattery will get you everywhere, don’t ya know? We talked to LL Cool J about what’s coming up this season, and he seemed borderline giddy (or as close as that man can get to “giddy”) about NCIS: LA exploring Hanna’s life and introducing more family and friends, which of course means they’ll most likely be in danger. When we pressed him for more, he only said that the show is about to get “interesting.” How coy of you, sir Cool J! Kidding, we’re not allowed to call him that.

Promo for “Locked Up”

NCIS Los Angeles–Big Twists Coming!

Thanks to Spoiler TV, we’ve got the new teases from Shane Brennan!

Things are heating up on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘ – and it’s not just due to the spin-off’s sun-baked setting.

To date, CBS’ just-renewed freshman procedural has retained a massive portion of its mothership’s audience, averaging a cool 17 million total viewers. Even opposite ‘American Idol’s season premiere, Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J et al drew nearly 16 mil.

“It has a very, very good pedigree,” Shane Brennan, who exec-produces both ‘NCIS’ shows, says with a knowing wink. Turning serious, he notes, “Everyone’s fear was that ‘NCIS: LA’ would be just a clone, and it’s not.”

Now that it has established its distinct ensemble of characters and its own rhythm, ‘NCIS: LA’ is ready to take its game to the next level.

Just last week, the show shared a peek inside the thus-far mysterious background of lead agent G Callen (played by O’Donnell). “For anyone who’s interested in finding out more about him, that’s a real treat,” Brennan says of that glimpse at a “revealing and romantic slice” of Callen’s life.

That is but the tip of the storytelling iceberg, however.

“The other big thing that’s coming up,” says Brennan, “is a pretty shocking episode that will leave audiences with a big question mark.”

Brennan shares no other details on the incoming bombshell other than to note that the storyline is “something I’m personally very proud of.”

The arc in question will kick off soon, then delivers its payoff toward the end of the season.

“This story is very surprising,” he says, “but at the same time it’s very emotional and moving.”

‘NCIS: LA’ airs Tuesdays at 9/8c, on CBS.

NCIS Los Angeles–preview for next week

Despite the re-run last night, there is a preview for next week’s episode!

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