Answers about the Macy (Louise Lombard) character

Thanks to E! for this one. I’ve always been a fan of Louise, so I like that they have written this in a way that could bring her back.

Question: Any news on who will replace Louise Lombard as the female lead of NCIS: Los Angeles? —NM
Ausiello: It’s an up-an-coming actress by the name of No One. “At this point, I don’t think we’re going to be adding anyone else to the cast,” says Brennan. “We have enough strength in the cast.” Although Lombard’s Lara Macy won’t be sticking around full-time, Brennan doesn’t rule out an occasional guest appearance down the line. “She didn’t die,” he says. “We’ll find out that she went to an overseas post. When Callen (Chris O’Donnell) was shot last season, they had to move to the new operation center and [Lara] was relocated. Will she come back? Never say never.”

NCIS Los Angeles Episode 1 photos!

10 new MQ photos are up in the gallery for the first episode of NCIS Los Angeles, Identity.

This just got me even more excited–and as much as I love the whole cast, how freaking GREAT is this photo of Linda Hunt? And how cool would the crossover if we had Mark Harmon and Linda Hunt together?

New Daniela Ruah photos from Legend Part 1

Thanks to Spoiler TV we have 3 new stills of Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) from the NCIS Legends Part 1 in the gallery.

New Photo from CBS Summer Party!

BIG thanks to Adam J Craig for letting us post this in the gallery–red carpet photo of Adam, Barret Foa & Peter Cambor on the red carpet of the CBS summer party!

New NCIS Los Angeles Promo screencaps!

CBS has a new NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles promo running, and I’ve added the HQ screencaps from that promo to the gallery.

Fall Promo Teaser

NCIS Los Angeles spoiler news from E! Online

Sounds like the first couple of episodes are action packed!

Devon in Ohio: Have you heard anything about the NCIS spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles?
Check out our NCIS story from last week if you missed it! We can also tell you that NCIS: Los Angeles is already in production on episode three according to Chris O’Donnell, who plays Special Agent G. Callen. From what he told us, they haven’t wasted any time showcasing Los Angeles: “We were in Koreatown today. We’ve been all over Malibu—all over Santa Monica. They’re really doing L.A. We’ve been all around Dodger Stadium and Echo Park,” O’Donnell said. (All that in three episodes!)

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