Adam J Craig on The Office!

We’ve added screencaps from Adam J Craig’s role on the Office to the gallery.

The Office “Lecture Circuit Part 1”

NCIS Los Angeles Fall Preview

Here’s a copy of the CBS Fall Promo Video for NCIS Los Angeles

More NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers!

•The season premiere of the spin-off will be about Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) first day back on the job after the shoot out that occurred in NCIS episode “Legend, part 2.” We will learn more about what happened to Callen during that blow up and after in a Sweeps episode. The NCIS L.A. team will sometimes have to travel outside of L.A.

NCIS Los Angeles-Legends Part 1 Screencaps!

We’ve added the screencaps for the first part of NCIS Los Angeles Legends to the gallery!

NCIS Los Angeles Legends part 1

New NCIS Los Angeles articles!

Another great look at the show!

NCIS Los Angeles Built for success

Article about LL Cool J’s switch to drama this fall

More cool press about this fall, and a very interesting look at LL Cool J’s switch from rapper and comedy to a drama actor.

LL cool with acting

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