Article about LL Cool J’s switch to drama this fall

More cool press about this fall, and a very interesting look at LL Cool J’s switch from rapper and comedy to a drama actor.

LL cool with acting

New NCIS: Los Angeles fall preview!


More NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers-Eric & Abby?!

From the new TV Guide online Buzz colum this week-and YEA for Barrett Foa being back. I had the chance to see him in both Avenue Q and Spelling Bee, and he’s just freaking AMAZING! In honor, we’ve also added a section for Barrett in the gallery.

So psyched for Pauley Perrette’s crossover on NCIS: Los Angeles? What can you tell me about it? — Josh
MICKEY: I’m about to break a lot of fanboy hearts. As previously reported, Abby will primarily be on N-Sizzla (say it out loud) to help solve a case, but she’ll also be getting a little BIZ-AY. Barrett Foa, who plays NCIS: LA’s tech-op Eric Beal (and who once appeared in Broadway’s Avenue Q, incidentally), told me exclusively that he just shot a scene with Perrette of a flirtatious, romantic nature. He reports that Perrette is just as charming as Abby is. Aw, hot geek love!

NCIS: Los Angeles Press Tour Photos!

Some great additions to the gallery this morning, including more photos of the cast at the CBS Summer Party and a new batch of photos from the NCIS: Los Angeles Press Day.



Press Tour Day July 31st

First NCIS:Los Angeles spoiler casting!

Came across this on twitter–but remember, heard first here!

from actress Kelly Hu

How strange is it that I’m on set at NCIS LA playing a N Korean assassin and the girls are getting released?

She should be part of episode 2!

More cast TCA photos & On Set Photos!

2 new great NCIS: Los Angeles gallery updates for tonight–more photos from the TCA event last night as well as photos on set taken in June of LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.


  • Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J on set June 17th
  • CBS TCA Summer Party
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