NCIS LA Season 5 Scoops from TV Guide
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I still don’t get why Callen & Co. trusted The Chameleon in the NCIS: LA finale. Didn’t they know he might betray them? — Justin
ADAM: Executive producer Shane Brennan acknowledges that sending The Chameleon to negotiate with Sidorov about the nuclear weapons was a calculated risk. “Give him an inch, and he will take everything that you possess — they were aware of that,” he says. “But there was only one person who could pull this off. It was something they had to do.” Either way, Callen won’t take the betrayal lightly. “Callen knows that there will be a final confrontation, and only one of them will walk away,” Brennan teases. Gee, I wonder who?



Renee Felice Smith films PSA for The Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum
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There was a lot of excitement on the campus of North Shore Animal League America’s national adoption headquarters in New York when Renee Felice Smith of NCIS: Los Angeles loaned her time and talent to co-direct and film a Public Service Announcement for the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum. The actress was joined by a cast made up of thirty five pre-k, elementary, middle and high school student volunteers. In addition to the human cast, the PSA features some of our best and brightest Mutt-i-grees(R)!

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The PSA, which launched in early June, highlights this unique educational program now in over 2,000 schools nationwide. Responding to the needs of the whole child, the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum is unique, bridging social and emotional learning with humane education with the ultimate goal of helping to end euthanasia. The PSA will bring the benefits and highlights of the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum to the attention of school administrators, teachers, parents and entire school communities.

While the Curriculum does not require the presence of a pet in the classroom, animals in the form of puppets and toys are effectively utilized in commanding attention, improving cognitive abilities and contribute to teaching students how to be more compassionate and empathetic. Some schools do choose to use therapy dogs or shelter dogs to enhance the lessons.

The curriculum was developed by North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Savers Foundation, in collaboration with Yale University’s School of the 21(st) Century, and funded by The Cesar Millan Foundation. The lessons are easily implemented with scripted lessons that align with the Common Core standards and feature lessons on dog behavior developed by renowned dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan.

Renee, along with top advertising and media professionals, donated their time and talent to develop a meaningful and impactful message: “a piece, ” said Renee, “that will raise awareness about this revolutionary program and effectively introduce the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum to the world.” She added, “We take tests, we study for the SATs and that’s all fine and good, but what the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum does is show another side of the spectrum, and show another side of learning and becoming a whole person. Education programs like the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum are key to building a more compassionate society, a more accepting society. A society that has more tolerance for each other.”

Renee’s passion for children and animals was evident on the set but doesn’t end there. She is developing a children’s book series based on her dog, Hugo.

To view the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum PSA or to learn more about the Mutt-i-grees(R) Curriculum, visit


Apple Soho Store Presents: Meet The Musician – LL Cool J – Photos
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NCIS Los Angeles Fan Gallery > LL Cool J > Events > 2013 > 06-21: Apple Soho Store Presents: Meet The Musician – LL Cool J


NCIS LA season 5 speculations from Barrett Foa
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NCIS: LA!! — Amy K.
While we’re in the speculation zone, Brett Foa has some interesting ideas for Eric next season, should the writers desire his input. “I would love to see Eric with a gun,” he says. “I don’t think he would do well with it, but I think it would be funny to see it in his hands. I would also like to see the tech guys save the day maybe instead of the guys with the brawn. That would be fun: brains over brawn.”



NCIS LA Season 5 Premiere date
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Tuesday, Sept. 24
8 pm NCIS (Season 11)
9 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 5)
10 pm Person of Interest (Season 3)


‘NCIS: LA’ season 5 spoilers
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Well, you’re assuming that Deeks makes it out of Sidorov’s torture trap alive. (Just kidding, that’s a pretty safe bet.) But executive producer Shane Brennan cautions viewers not to to make too much of the liplock. ‘It wasn’t a candlelit dinner,’ he says. ‘It was almost a challenge that he threw down to her. I think it surprised both of them.’ But Deeks may feel differently about the kiss after his brush with death.”



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